I do original ceremonies that tell your story
as you begin a new chapter in your life.


A: Anything you like as long as it’s safe and legal. themes, rituals, costumes, animals, readings, prayers, blessings, cultural recognition, and so on and on and on.

A. Anyone you like, Friends, family, pets, musicians, performers, or anyone else. They can be actively involved in every aspect of the ceremony with the exception of the legal requirements that must by law be said by the celebrant.

A. The minimum requirement is what is required by law, The Monitum, the legal vows, 2 witnesses each 18 years or more, celebrant introduction and couple full names.

A. $ 250 which includes;

  • Preparation of your marriage ceremony.
  • Our first meeting for you to lodge the NOIM,
  • Conducting your wedding ceremony.
  • Lodging the paperwork to officially register your marriage.
  • Conducting your wedding rehearsal.

A. Yes you can. Question 7 of the “Notice” refers to conjugal status which would be “Married Divorce pending.” Proof of Divorce being finalised must be provided prior to the new marriage taking place.

So Where do We begin?

Contact me and set up a personal meeting